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Duluth, Superior & The North Shore

Ben headed north to meet new people and bring something different to you. He met up with breweries, and distillery, and a bike shop and sat down to gather some audio for you. Scroll through below and have a listen.

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Cedaero Bags/Spokengear Cyclery & Outdoor/Cedar Coffee Company
Two Harbors, Minnesota

Dan Cruikshank – Owner

Dan and Ben sit down in the Cedaero shop in Two Harbors to chat about what Dan has come from, created, and what happening around the shop currently.

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Cedaero –
Spokengear Cyclery & Outdoor –
Cedar Coffee Company –
Salsa’s Rising of the Sun –

Dan - Cedaero

Canal Park Brewing Company
Duluth, Minnesota

Ryan Woodfill – Head Brewer

Ryan shares his experience and path to become the head brewer and they chat about beer, Canal Park, and more.

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Video tour around the brewing room:

Earth Rider Brewery
Superior, Wisconsin

Brad Nelson – Director of Brands at Earth Rider Brewery (

Brad Nelson enjoys his brand manager role at Earth Rider. He took some time to share his story and the story of Earth Rider Brewery. Brad discusses cross country skiing, Earth Rider beers, his alternative newspaper called The Ripsaw, and more.

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Vikre Distillery
Duluth, Minnesota

Emily & Joel Vikre – Owners of Vikre Distillery (

Emily and Joel have an interesting story. They never planned to become distillers.  But one frigid January night, Lake Superior, vast, majestic, mysterious, called to them with a bidding they could not refuse. They discuss the early days of Vikre, the craft distillery business, and more.

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