“Just Riding Along,” with Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Beanpole Matt is bike talk from educated and experienced bike mechanics. While it’s based on mechanic talk, don’t expect it to be kid-friendly, bland discussion about technical specifications.  Listeners are encouraged to email to say “hey,” ask questions about their old junker, new parts, Craigslist bike deal, or just talk about beer.


This is the real Small Town Vibes episode. Tune in to hear about Matt’s luck at the county clerk, why he isn’t racing 18 Hours of Fruita. Also, hear how the weather is for everyone and how little bike riding has been done.

This week is all about AXS, Rocky Mountain Elements, and a little bit of Cardi-B. Tune in to hear what the crew has (or really hasn’t) had going on lately and catch up with their take on new products.

Tune in to hear about sandwiches, hotwings, and more during this week’s Just Riding Along. Oh, and the crew does talk about bikes. Things like new Shimano XTR, Andrea’s XX1 AXS siting, and a lot of talk about Lefty’s.

Tune in to hear how the gang has been fairing the winter, how Matt and Andrea have gone to school this last week, and what has been new with Kenny.

Sit down and buckle up, this is Armadillo’s Last Stand. Tune in to hear the crew talk everything from the Rodeo Labs TrailDonkey to the Otso Voytek and all the stuff in between.

The first show from 2019 is live. Tune in to hear the year get started with a rant and how things will only go downhill from here.

Tune in to the latest JRA to hear about the cool things happening with the crew.

“SUITCASE” December 26, 2018. This show starts on a sad note, then ramps into fork pressures, tires, and the usual banter from the crew.

“SIPPING” December 8, 2018. This show is filled with questions, goofin, and genuine product endorsements. Tune in to get your fill and sip on some JRA.

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