Member Testimonials


Jim Chan – super fan supreme. MBR Member and a participant in every Grit Event.


Carey Lowery is a long time listener and newer JRA who chimes in with her Testimonial for MBR.


Roxy A is a long time listener with a full faced kinship with JRA. She appreciates MBR during her long commute to work.

Brian Vaughn

Brian V Test Photo

Brian Vaughn takes the time to tell us why he supports MBR.



Danny, another long time member has a good perspective to share.

Frank Stanton


Frank was our first MBR Member so it only makes sense that he is our first testimonial.


  1. Two years ago I received a very candid and scary speech from my doctor. Without getting into all the details, I was on a fast track to an untimely end. I started mountain biking because it was fun enough to motivate me to exercise regularly. Slowly, I started getting stronger and fitter. Then I came across MBR. The Apex nutrition podcast helped me look at food differently, and that’s when the real results started. The other podcasts keep me excited about bikes and keep me company on long drives for work. MBR has been part of a very positive change in my life, supporting MBR in return was just the right thing to do. I felt like part of the community anyway, so why not make it official and keep a good thing going.

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