I created Mountain Bike Radio in 2012. Originally from Wisconsin, my wife, 2 kids, and I recently lived near Denver, Colorado, before moving to North Dakota. Currently my home trail is the Maah Daah Hey Trail near Watford City, North Dakota. I started mountain biking in 2006 after 5 years of running various distances and racing triathlons of various distances and turned to racing as soon as I started mountain biking. Since then, I have a lot of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, fatbikes, gravel, and everything in between. I hope that my passion for mountain biking comes through and I’m able to share as much as I can within the mountain bike community. I look forward to the future and hope that you’ll continue to support MBR!


  1. This is a great idea due to the transparency of it. It helps stick to how you envisioned MBR being built and helps keep the lights on at the same time. I’ll be sure to use the link for my future purchases.

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